At the very onset of his career one could see that Chintan Zalavadia was very much influenced by the comedian, but since then he has found an genre that is very much his own. His works represent the sense of humor and the desire of his characters. Humor is the basis of his works, founded on the realities of human relationships and their subtle complexities.

Zalavadia says, “In my earlier works, I used to draw only the images that came from his day to day visual experience and tried to remain focused on humor and fun.” He researched humor as an art form and found his new genre of satire and humor in drawing. This has how become his identity – the small eyes, small lips, small spectacles, small nose, every aspect of the faces he draws and the layouts, all speaks clearly of Zalavadia’s finesse in transforming paintings into a humorous respite from the drudgeries of the life for the viewer. Influenced by some of the widely acclaimed comedians like Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin, Zalavadia does not work in a serious mode. In fact, there is a complete lack of serious figures in his art. He is also inclined towards working in different forms and mediums and is open to new methods and techniques of art, with a consciousness and awareness of the Indian contemporary art.

He has done a lots of group exhibitions in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and abroad and has received a lot of appreciation from art critics and lovers who claimed that this shows that India is getting a new way to art aesthetics. Zalavadia’s work is very unique and viewers can enjoy and have fun with his painting. Zalavadia’s paintings dwell on the human figure. His works are narrative with each interrelating to the other. Though, in a quick glance, one may feel awestruck by their presence, each figure is an integral part of the work, each having a funny personality, which natures the narrative. His method and intention are most important for his work, through representational forms of art practice as seen throughout history.

Having realized and recognized his own style, the artist is continuously striving to evolve his work, trying to take it to a higher aesthetic level and India has taken to this new way of aesthetic appeal with Zalavadia’s works.

Zalavadia lives and works in Baroda.